Clients Reviews

Chris Livingstone
Chris L.
Fantastic experience all around. Falko is very welcoming and puts you at ease immediately. My initial consult felt very personal and thorough. I've had three sessions so far including acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, and lifestyle recommendations. I have seen major improvements in problems I've had for years. He is also a fabulous Qi Gong and Tai Chi teacher!
Sarah Martin
Sarah M.
Besides being a humble, kind, and extremely knowledgable practitioner, Falko really understands how to 'be' with people, and in my experience of the healing arts this is such an essential attribute. His treatments have been supportive in improving the quality my sleep and daily energy balance, and I recommend Falko to everyone I know.
Savanna Blais
Savanna B.
Never had acupuncture done before seeing Falko and I can't believe how instant the change in my body was. Directly after my appointments my shoulder pain that I have been suffering for years is almost completely gone. Falko takes his time and is very attentive and informative. I highly recommend anyone who has not tried acupuncture to give it a try!
ryan hoogveld
ryan H.
Stuart B. Lindsey
Stuart B. L.
Jennifer McCambridge
Jennifer M.
Lee MacKay
Lee M.
I'm very happy with my experience. I felt a sense of balance and energy restoration after having treatment. I'll continue to return for more appointments in the future.
Nikolai Adams
Nikolai A.
Great experience as always!
Jeff Krueger
Jeff K.
Falko is very knowledgeable and friendly and put me on the road to recovery by healing some nerve damage in my elbow when nothing else was working. I highly recommend seeing him!
Absolutely recommend! Falko really listens and tries to find the best solution for your health and well being. My acupuncture treatments have greatly helped my anxiety and overall health.
Sol Menard
Sol M.
Falko Kriel is a conscientious, caring practitioner. He takes the time to get to know a client before the treatment. He is knowledgeable and skillful. I benefitted and got relief from the work he did.
Paolo Sales
Paolo S.
Fantastic! Falko listens to you and perceives what you're saying. There are a lot of 'acupuncturists' and 'Chinese medicine experts' out there, but Falko is the real deal. He's educated, passionate about helping people, is continually growing in his area of expertise, thrives on solving your unique set of problems, and does more than simple acupuncture for muscle pains. Falko will provide you with excellent care and a listening ear.
Crystal Flasch
Crystal F.
Falko is an amazingly knowledgeable acupuncturist who takes the time to learn each individuals deficits and needs and works on helping to correct them. He is extremely good at explaining all of the treatments he does and how each one will improve your health. I have been to many different acupuncturists over the years but he is definitely the best one! I highly recommend him.
Jamie Robertson
Jamie R.
I've really enjoyed my treatments with Falko. It's clear that he knows his craft and is very passionate about helping others achieve good health!
Denyse Bilodeau
Denyse B.
Falko is very knowledgeable and professional. He has demonstrated sensitivity and understanding of my health issue. The acupuncture treatments along with the herbs have been a great help.My overall health has improved significantly. I highly recommend Falko!
Litia Wilson
Litia W.
Falko has been helping me through 2 car accidents and adjusting me in day to day life. Before Falko, I was dependant on medications that probably were causing most of my troubles, now I am medication free 7 months later after seeing Falko on a consistent basis. I would recommend Falko to anyone, as with his wide expertise I know he would be able to assist them.
Joe Lovetana
Joe L.
Insightful, helpful and professional. My treatment has helped me a lot and increased mobility
Marc Hackman
Marc H.
Marc Hackman
Marc H.